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Memorial created 10-30-2010 by
Andrew Mack
Paul Igag
February 24 1964 - October 29 2010

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01-24-2011 12:22 AM -- By: George Mwangi,  From: California USA  

I have love seeing Paul's work on PBS.Rest in piece Paul

01-24-2011 12:22 AM -- By: Esther Smith,  From: Auburn, Washington, USA  

 Thank you Paul for showing me a world of beauty that I would never have known without your beautiful soul! We-and the birds-will miss you!

01-24-2011 12:20 AM -- By: Esther Smith,  From: Auburn, Washington, USA  

 Thank you Paul for showing me a world of beauty that I would never have known without your beautiful soul! We-and the birds-will miss you!

01-24-2011 12:18 AM -- By: Mary Anne Clark,  From: Walnut Creek, California  

I just finished watching the wonderful show on Birds of Paradise.  The show captured my heart as did Paul and Miriam and their love of the birds and desire to protect them.  I am so sorry for your loss.  So sad. 

With prayers and blessings,

Mary Anne Clark

01-24-2011 12:16 AM -- By: ,  From:  

I just watched the birds of paradise with my guy and we are both enamored with the birds, Paul and Miriam.  I was shocked and saddened that he had passed away and all I can think of are the birds he left behind.  It is an honor to know someone who has this much impact in our imperfect world.  Thank you, Paul! Rest in Peace!

01-24-2011 12:16 AM -- By: Vic Kley,  From: Berkeley CA USA  

 His was a delightful smile and screen presence.  May he live on in the hearts of those who care.


Is there a family and children?  How did he die?

01-24-2011 12:14 AM -- By: Daniel,  From: Portland, OR, USA  

 Thank you, Paul.  I hope your family and loved ones may see these comments and know how many people you touched.

01-24-2011 12:12 AM -- By: David T. Casey,  From: San Francisco, CA, USA  

01-23-2011 11:38 PM -- By: Sue and Mel Figgs,  From: North Carolina. USA  

 We have just watched the birds of paradise show and loved it, You did wonderful work. 46 is way too young to die, you will be missed

01-23-2011 11:30 PM -- By: Jeanne Hannon,  From: Arizona, USA  

I was enthralled and delighted while watching the Nature episode,'Birds of the Gods' tonight, and feel so grateful that wonderful, dedicated people such as Paul and Miriam are doing so much to preserve the beauty and diversity in our world. The note at the end that Paul has passed away left me saddened at such a great loss to all of us.  Thank you, Paul, for all you have done to enhance our understanding of the beautiful PNG birds.

01-23-2011 11:15 PM -- By: James Peavey,  From: Louisville, Ky  

I just finished the watching Paul, as did the rest of us. I too felt great sorrow for the loss of such a great man. His dedication will be greatly missed. My heart goes out to his family and birds. R.I.P.

01-23-2011 10:55 PM -- By: LUANN HIGGS,  From: BAHAMAS  




01-23-2011 10:13 PM -- By: M&A MacKenzie,  From: New Mexico, USA  

What a warm soul.  Thank you.

01-23-2011 10:12 PM -- By: Sudi,  From: Colorado  

Thank you for sharing your world with us.

01-23-2011 9:42 PM -- By: Lili Marlane Muise,  From: Nova Scotia Canada  

I Just finished watching "Birds of the Gods" on PBS and was struck by Paul's dedication to his profession and his wonderful smile and sense of hmour.  He must be, indeed, a great loss to his proession and his collegues.  It was sad to see at the end of the show the memoral of his passing.

01-23-2011 9:40 PM -- By: Mimi Hue,  From: USA  

I wished I had a chance to meet Paul. I just watched Birds of Paradise and have enjoyed it tremendously. His contributions to the Birds Kingdom is immeasurable. We have lost an incredible man who brought us such beauty. Thank you, Paul, and may your soul rest in peace.

01-23-2011 9:28 PM -- By: Denise,  From: Missouri  

This PBS special on Birds of the Gods made me laugh and cry....with joy.    To see such beauty exist in this world....and to see people like Paul devote his life to protecting this beauty.  During the show I found myself wishing I could meet him.  Just something in his eyes.   Was deeply saddened to hear he left us last year.   I pray he had a most awesome journey...but something tells me he most surely did.   My heart goes out to Paul's family and friends.   

01-23-2011 9:28 PM -- By: Emily Wrigley,  From: Kansas City MO USA  

I so enjoyed watching Paul search out and seek to protect the Birds of Paradise and was saddened to see the memorial to him at the end of the PBS Nature program.  The world has lost a special person.

01-23-2011 9:28 PM -- By: Judy Merrick,  From: Lisle, IL USA  

Thank you Paul for bringing a world of beauty to me I wouldn't have known without your help. 

01-23-2011 9:25 PM -- By: Ron,  From: Augusta, Ga (USA)  

just watched "Birds of the Gods" - shocked to find that this wonderful man is dead already!

01-23-2011 9:25 PM -- By: Thomas Rawlins,  From: Lebanon, Ohio USA  

We are fortunate to have had this incredible man to share with us his compassion and love for nature.  Thank  you Paul for being in our lives.  

01-23-2011 9:24 PM -- By: Louise Tropp,  From: NY, NY USA  

I just enjoyed watching Birds of the Gods.  Paul Igag was so vibrant that when I saw the posting of his death I am so saddened by his loss.

01-23-2011 9:22 PM -- By: John Michalski,  From: New Jersey, USA  

I have visited PNG and came to love the country and its people.  I just saw Paul on a Nature documentary on the Birds of Paradise, and was saddened to see his passing memorialized in the closing moments of the film.

The world needs so many more like Paul.  He did good work under difficult conditions, and PNG, and the world, has lost a great person.

01-23-2011 9:21 PM -- By: Catherine F.,  From: Virginia Beach, VA, USA  

 I am sorry for the loss of this gifted educator.  Peace be with you Paul.

01-23-2011 9:21 PM -- By: Rudy Hahn,  From: Columbus, Ohio and Springfield, Virginia  

At the end of a wonderful program on Birds of Paradise, how sad to see that this man had passed away so early.  I was stationed in Jakarta, Indonesia, and have visited Indonesia since and plan to do so again.  In my mind Paul was the sort of person I loved meeting, and have on occasion had the good luck to encounter:  friendly, knowledgeable, and more than willing to share interest and good humour with visitors.  I believe I can understand the loss you feel - and I regret, no matter how remote the possibility, never being able to meet him.  His time was much too short, but he passed on much, and so he will be remembered. 

01-23-2011 9:18 PM -- By: Karthik Rajasekaran,  From: VA, USA  

I just watched the documentary "Birds of Paradise", a very beautiful one indeed. At the end of the program when Paul Igag's picture flashed with his years on the earth, it was extremely sad to see a life in prime being lost.  I am sure how much his loss would have touched those who have been in close contact with him. His service to society is truly commendable, and my deepest condolences to Paul's family, friends and students. May God bless his soul. - Karthik Rajasekaran

01-23-2011 9:17 PM -- By: c kavaney,  From: Minnesota  

I saw you for the first time on a Nature broadcast,  your spirit was felt even through televison,  may you find peace and beauty forever.

01-23-2011 9:16 PM -- By: Janise Robinson ,  From: Jamaica  

01-23-2011 9:15 PM -- By: Janet Neal ,  From:  

01-23-2011 9:15 PM -- By: kat.,  From: petoskey  


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