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Memorial created 10-30-2010 by
Andrew Mack
Paul Igag
February 24 1964 - October 29 2010

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01-27-2011 6:03 PM -- By: Susan Catania,  From: North Carolina, USA  

I was devastated to learn of the passing of this great contributor to scientific knowledge - and such a gentle, humble man.  I join with others who pray that his work will continue through those he has taught and that they in turn can pass on that knowledge to new generations.  Preserving the wildlife of New Guinea would be his greatest legacy.

01-27-2011 1:57 PM -- By: Miki Landis,  From: Vancouver, WA USA  

How sad to find that such a wonderful scientist has passed away.  I watched the OPB show "Bird of the Gods" and was delighted to find that native PNG peoples were championing conservation efforts for the amazing bird populations while respecting the tribal traditions.  I have no doubt the Paul will be sorely missed in his country and around the world.  God Bless his family ~ thank you for sharing him with the world!

01-27-2011 4:44 AM -- By: Nicholas Reynolds,  From:  

01-26-2011 11:26 PM -- By: Aileen,  From: California,USA  

 I was so sorry to read about Paul's passing after watching the PBS show.  He was a pleasure to watch, "Bird of the Gods" was an amazing program.  Thank you for letting us learn more about the beautiful birds. 

01-26-2011 11:20 PM -- By: carolans,  From: Washington State, USA  

"Love is the immortal essence that allows  us to be forever.

For love is the arms of God

It is the thing that holds us into eternity.

It never dies! It never dies!

It only becomes richer, freer, and deeper.

To be utterly God, you must utterly love

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A Ramtha quote



01-26-2011 10:26 PM -- By: G. Woore,  From: Olympia, Washington USA  

I just saw Paul in the documentary "Birds of the Gods" and was sorry to hear of his passing. He seemed to have great joy in his work, it showed in his smile! Rest in Peace...

01-26-2011 6:18 PM -- By: Suzie Mendelson,  From: Reno, Nevada, USA  

 Was sad to see about his passing at end of PBS special. Lovely program, led by lovely and gentle man. 

01-26-2011 3:13 PM -- By: K,  From: Utah, USA  

 He had a lovely smile.  His love was evident in the film.  And his patience.

01-26-2011 10:35 AM -- By: Pamela,  From: Ohio  

WE will miss paul Lagag,sorry for his loss. 

01-26-2011 5:28 AM -- By: Tracie Copeland,  From: Seattle, WA, USA  

I am forever thankful to Paul Igag, and those like him, who devote their lives to the betterment of the birds of the world. 
His passing is a loss to all who love birds. 


01-26-2011 5:20 AM -- By: hobson bennett,  From: north carolina , usa  

very sorry about paul i feel like i know him throught the pbs tevelision show














01-26-2011 3:45 AM -- By: Jackie Strouble,  From: Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA  

I feel obliged to write and echo the sentiments of the others on this page. In one brief hour of a television documentary, I "met" Paul Igag, became entranced by his engaging personality and his commitment and dedication to his work, and then learned of his passing. It’s obvious that Paul Igag was someone very special. So handsome, with a warm, genuine, and very contagious smile, and such a gentleness and depth of spirit shining from his eyes…. It was a shock to learn of his death. My sympathies to his wife and family, and to his co-workers, and lastly to the birds who, although they are unaware, have lost a great ally in their bid for survival. May Paul rest in peace, secure in the knowledge that his life’s work was truly meaningful.

01-26-2011 1:33 AM -- By: Sheila Collins,  From: San Francisco, California, USA  

I just finished watching the PBS special on Birds of Paradise, featuring Paul Igag, among other researchers and biologists. During the program my admiration for all the researchers grew by the minute, knowing how important their work is to the conservation and preservation of these beautiful birds and to the forests in Papua, New Guinea. So it was shocking to see the tribute to Paul at the end, a simple photograph of him with the dates of his birth and death beneath. I immediately went online to find out more about him. I am saddened that the conservation movement has lost such a fine and dedicated person. I wish his family well as they mourn his loss. And I hope we all will do our utmost to support his and others' work to keep and protect our natural world and all its inhabitants.


01-26-2011 1:22 AM -- By: Susan McCutchan,  From: Oakland, CA USA  

I really loved the Birds of the Gods documentary that Paul contributed to. I could tell from the documentary that Paul had a great understanding of birds and a kind and lively spirit. Every time I see a bird, I will be reminded of him.

01-26-2011 12:47 AM -- By: Di Donigi,  From:  

So sad, condolences to Paul's family on the loss of an inspirational 'birdman'.

01-26-2011 12:10 AM -- By: Jennifer and John Allden,  From: College Station, TX  

My husband and I just got through watching Nature's Birds of the Gods and saw that Paul had passed. So sorry for your loss and the loss to the world. God bless,

01-26-2011 12:02 AM -- By: Jennifer Allden,  From: Texas  

My husband and I just got through watching  Nature's Birds of the Gods and saw that Paul had passed.  So sorry for your loss and the loss to the world.  God Bless.

01-25-2011 11:36 PM -- By: Ahna H.,  From: Phoenix, AZ  

I watched "Birds of the Gods" on PBS last night and was saddened at the end of the program to learn of Paul's passing. What a patient and dedicated man he was and so much in his element among those beautiful birds.

I hope others who worked with and knew him will honor his legacy by continuing to protect those magnificent creatures of the PNG forests...what beautiful birds.  Please don't let his research and efforts have been in vain.

I ditto the comments below of Irene from Maine and from Thea of Oregon. Godspeed Paul.


01-25-2011 10:45 PM -- By: Teresa Elliott,  From: Santa Cruz, CA USA  

I am sorry Paul died.  I wonder if the birds are sad too.  It must make it harder for everyone without him.  I hope you can still do your job to save the birds.

Teresa Elliott

age 9

01-25-2011 8:13 PM -- By: Trevor,  From: USA  

 I really enjoyed watching you and Miriam in the film, Paul.  I'm sad you're not with us anymore.  Hopefully others will be inspired by your example and continue with your work. 

01-25-2011 7:44 PM -- By: N McG,  From: Seattle, WA  

May there be birds of paradise in heaven.

01-25-2011 3:10 PM -- By: Suzanne Wagner,  From: Ohio, USA  

Bless Paul's beautiful smile, beautiful heart and incredible skills with birds.  It was so terrible to watch this wonderful show and be so filled with admiration for this man, and then to see his date of death at the very end.  May his spirit fly with the birds he loved.

01-25-2011 1:51 PM -- By: debbie,  From: north carolina, usa  

I just saw on a television show about paul's passing.  I am sad and want his family to know how much I enjoyed anything he presented and felt his concern and love for nature were truly sincere.  I will miss Paul.

01-25-2011 11:13 AM -- By: John Tull,  From: New York  

I never knew him, but was quite impressed with his knowledge of the birds in the " Bird of the Gods documentary. RIP Paul

01-25-2011 3:08 AM -- By: Nathan Pillai,  From:  

Few people touch the hert of many. Paul one among them.. His works live with us for ever.

01-25-2011 2:49 AM -- By: Jeff Taves,  From: earth?  

God Speed, Paul.

01-25-2011 1:46 AM -- By: ma hai,  From: new york  

01-25-2011 12:15 AM -- By: Rob Doster,  From: California, USA  

I'm saddened to learn that PNG and the world has lost Paul.  I hope that he inspired many to follow in his footsteps.

01-24-2011 10:04 PM -- By: Joy A Jones,  From: Tennessee,USA  

What a fantastic and valuable gift Mr. Igag left for the whole world!  Job well done,Paul. Thank you

01-24-2011 9:50 PM -- By: Melanie Hoffman,  From: Utah, United States  


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