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Memorial created 10-30-2010 by
Andrew Mack
Paul Igag
February 24 1964 - October 29 2010

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03-30-2011 9:47 PM -- By: Cathy Wanko,  From: Pittsburgh, PA  

I thoroughly enjoyed watching "Birds of Paradise" on WQED.  i'm so glad someone is working to save those most magnificant, beautifully colored birds.  I especially enjoyed the dancing and mating display.

03-30-2011 9:46 PM -- By: Norma Emery,  From: Maryland  

I just watched the show on Nature about Mr. Igag's work with the Birds of Paradise. I am grateful that people like Mr. Igag do the work they do to bring such beauty into our lives.  How sad it was to see at the end that he had passed away. Just from what I saw in this show, he struck me as a kind and patient man. My sympathies to his family.

03-30-2011 9:46 PM -- By: Annmarie Aquino,  From: New York City  

As I watched the documentary film on Paul's and Miriam's research in PNG, I felt privileged to be seeing such beauty and humbled by it, as well. I was very saddened to see the photo of Paul at the end of the film with the date of his death. What a tremendous loss for his friends, family and colleagues.

03-30-2011 9:43 PM -- By: buntoro,  From: indonesia  

03-16-2011 5:54 PM -- By: vanessa kaona,  From: Ottawa Canada  

As a dear and respected brother-in-law, the passing of Paul was a very sad event that is constantly in our hearts and minds.  His life on earth was dedicated to his family whom he raised and guided in an exemplary manner.  Paul was also dedicated to his important work and gained professional recognition around the world.  He is missed greatly and has left a void in our hearts that will be impossible tio fill.  Rest in peace, Paul, and know that Vanessa, Ken and Igag think of you constantly.  May you find many Birds of Paradise in heaven.  With much love....

03-13-2011 6:07 AM -- By: Satoru,  From: Japan  

Dear Dr Paul.

You were a great biologist.

May he rest in peace.


Satoru Takeuchi




03-06-2011 10:35 PM -- By: bangan,  From: Madang  

We will miss you very much...always cheerful and we will always remember your laughter and friendship

02-28-2011 12:10 PM -- By: Stephanie Alopea,  From: Southern Highlands Province  

02-20-2011 11:13 PM -- By: Mary and Lee,  From: Berkeley, California  

 We just saw the documentary about PNG birds of paradise. We are so sad for the loss of Paul Igag-- to his country, to the birds of PNG, to his community of friends and family.

02-19-2011 6:24 PM -- By: Jean Volante,  From: Boston, Massachusetts  

An inspiring naturalist. He will be missed.

02-15-2011 5:56 PM -- By: Jody cox,  From: Wake forest nc USA  

02-15-2011 8:24 AM -- By: virginia Marques,  From: NY, USA  

02-15-2011 5:15 AM -- By: Ceil Daniels,  From: Topeka, KS USA  

I so enjoyed the Birds of Pradise show on Nature/PBS and was saddened to see at the end that Paul Igag had passed away. I have sent a small donation to continuing the research by future biologists in the rich environment of Papua New Guinea.

02-13-2011 10:01 PM -- By: Maureen Mayfield,  From: Robstown Tx USA  

Just became aware of you through airing of Birds of Paradise on America's PBS, and now to hear that you are gone from us. Thank you for your work...it so enriched us.

02-13-2011 7:02 AM -- By: Greg Earle,  From: Los Angeles, California USA  

 DVR'ed this magnificent program and just got around to watching it tonight.  Felt such joy at these magnificent birds and the smile on Mr. Igag's face when they made a rare sighting.


Finished the show so elated and then to see the notice in the credits, I was literally gobsmacked.  Now elation has turned to tears down my face :(


I guess it's the people with the biggest hearts that go out on them too early.  R.I.P. Paul, may your inspiration live on through Mirriam and hopefully other PNG biologists to come in your wake.  Save the Birds of Paradise!

02-09-2011 2:44 AM -- By: Scott Vandervert,  From: Portland, Oregon  

I thought the program was absolutely amazing...photography is so rare; and beautiful as well. Those magnificant birds did well to have such dedicated stewards. Though he is sure to be missed by the animals and loved ones alike, I think he would somehow find it gratifying to know how much of a difference he has truly made in the ecology and culture of his native region- all of us should take his lesson to heart.-SV

02-08-2011 5:18 AM -- By: Niko Bellanti,  From: USA  

02-07-2011 8:35 PM -- By: Sue,  From: Virginia, USA  

I just watched the Nature show, Birds of Paradise, and was amazed at the beauty of the birds.  The dedication of the two orthinologists is  inspiring.  How sad the world and the birds lost Mr. Igag.  His legacy will continue.

02-06-2011 5:31 PM -- By: Lois Speer,  From: Brighton, Michigan  

As birders we celebrated Paul's patience and explorations in his search for the birds of paradise. His show on Nature was spectacular. One could tell what a kind and gentle man he was.

02-05-2011 1:51 AM -- By: Pam G,  From: North Carolina  

Thanks for your hard work and dedication in preserving such magnificent birds.  May your name live on dearest Paul...

02-04-2011 5:32 PM -- By: Bill Warren,  From: Midland, Texas, USA  

I was moved by Paul's joyous spirit in the Birds of Paradise segment recently aired in the Nature series on PBS, and saddened to learn of his death at the end of the program.  In his small corner of the world, Paul found his passion, even leaving one live for another.  He influenced hundreds of people by his study, interest, knowledge, and teaching.  And thousands who were exposed to his wonderful personality by the television program.  I wish you well in establishing the scholarship, that his name will carry on for generations to come.  How sad he left us too soon.

02-03-2011 11:34 PM -- By: Chris Adams,  From: Seattle  

I know nothing more of Paul than what I have seen of him on the Birds of Paradise special and what has been said of him here. Yet I am moved to write something here because at the end of the show it hit me hard to find that someone so dedicated and needed in his field as well as way to young should be gone just like that. Someone who seemed to be a kind spirit. A great loss to family and freinds as well as  to the greater world.

02-03-2011 5:16 AM -- By: Keith Roberts,  From: Seattle  

Amazing birds, an exemplery person. The world lost one more of an unselfish beautiful person.

02-02-2011 1:00 AM -- By: Karma Grotelueschen,  From: Illinois  

The Bird of Paradise documentary was amazing!  Thanks to researchers like these!

02-01-2011 11:59 PM -- By: Mary Anne Crecelius,  From: Pittsburgh  

I just watched Birds of the Gods and was so impressed with the work being done by Paul and Miriam.  How sad to see at the end that Paul had passed away at such a young age.  He contributed so much to science in his unfortunately too brief life, but we can all be grateful for the things that he accomplished during those forty-six years.

02-01-2011 10:31 PM -- By: Robin Crawford,  From: Smyrna Georgia  

Very touched by Paul's work. Very touched by his death. I pray his memory and his lifes work will endure.

God Bless

02-01-2011 2:45 PM -- By: Michelle,  From: Oklahoma  

 I just saw Birds of the Gods a few days ago, and I was amazed. I had never seen something so beautiful...

thank you for showing us these beautiful birds. I think I have a better understanding of them.

It is always sad to see a naturalist pass on...

02-01-2011 1:17 PM -- By: MIKHAILA,  From: NEW YORK  







02-01-2011 12:01 AM -- By: Zosia Hunt,  From: Austin, Texas, USA  

I just learned of his being today watching Nature.  I am saddened by his death as he was too young and had much to contribute still. 

01-31-2011 10:12 PM -- By: Maienduo Nava,  From: Connecticut USA  

I just finish watching the Birds of God program on PBS and seeing my wantoks at work. Thank you for educating our people of the importance of Conservation. May your soul rest in peace


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