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Memorial created 10-30-2010 by
Andrew Mack
Paul Igag
February 24 1964 - October 29 2010

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01-07-2012 3:11 PM -- By: Vanessa,  From: St. Paul, Minnesota, USA  

What a devastating loss. I enjoyed Mr. Igag's, Ms. Miriam, and their teams documentary on conservation efforts in Papua, New Guinea ----it left me longing for more. The light in this dark moment is knowing that there are individuals who've worked, trained and studied with Paul Igag who will continue to carry on his work.

01-07-2012 3:08 PM -- By: Stephanie,  From: Minnesota  

Paul's life is proof that conservation doesn't have to stomp all over people in order to be to bring awareness. Listening, talking, educating and really looking with an open mind is far more effective a road. Look at the wonderful path Paul has put his country in so short a lifetime

01-07-2012 2:19 AM -- By: George Ellis,  From: USA  

Wish there were more like him, happiness and light, George

01-06-2012 6:23 AM -- By: Cathy Martin,  From: USA Camden County Georgia  

Rest In Peace Paul! Know you have left your love and great deeds in our hearts.

Peace of the Lord be with your family.

01-05-2012 8:46 PM -- By: Patricia Perkins,  From: Alaska, USA  

I just saw the Birds of Paradise documentary last night and was very saddened to realize this wonderful man was no longer with us. For all those folks who knew and worked with him - I am truly sorry for your loss.

01-05-2012 12:15 PM -- By: Rebecca McAlpine,  From: Michigan  

Thank you, Paul.  My nine-year-old grandson and I loved watching your great work on PBS last night.  I watched through his eyes who was seeing though yours.  You've given more to this world than you will ever know.  May God bless you.

01-05-2012 10:54 AM -- By: Marie Brown,  From: New York  

How sad to lose this beautiful soul.   

01-05-2012 3:34 AM -- By: Adrian,  From: Miami,Florida  

Paradise Awaits his soul. "Will Smile Forever" !!!!!!!

01-05-2012 12:15 AM -- By: DyLynn & Richard,  From: Portland, Oregon  

Just watched and were inspired by PBS/BBC broadcast about his work.  We appreciate his work and this site as a means of knowing a bit more about his spirit.  1/4/11

01-05-2012 12:14 AM -- By: Jim A,  From: Sacramento, Ca  

 I just wanted to add my thoughts on this wonderful man; the world is a much better place because of Paul. I've never been a fan of birds or ornithology, but Paul's passion and joy in his work kindled a passionate interest in me for PNG, its people and wildlife. His enthusiasm and engagement in his work was infectious and spread the world-over. 

01-04-2012 11:57 PM -- By: Ann,  From: Phoenix  

 What a lost to the world. An amazing person for not he did for the world on conservation but what he teaches us to appreciate nature's beautiful creation.

01-04-2012 9:21 PM -- By: Liam,  From: Connecticut, United States  

As a middleschooler, I had a rather large obsession with birds, especially ones like those featured on Birds of the Gods. In the past couple years I seemed to had lost that passion- yet watching people like Paul Igag work, day after day, yet still smiling and amazed, does nothing but inspire.

Thank you, Paul

01-04-2012 9:20 PM -- By: Sherll Passmore,  From: Georgia, USA  

 I'd like to Thank Paul, Miriam and their colleagues for the wonderful documentary on the birds of PNG. Without their dedication and hard work, I would never have been able to experience their beauty. May Paul Rest in Peace and may Miriam and the team's work on behalf of the Birds of God, be Blessed by Him.

01-04-2012 9:20 PM -- By: Jim Austin,  From: Jacksonville, Florida USA  

Having watched Paul in Birds of Paridise you could see he had real passion and truly loved his work with birds. It is the mark of a contributer to knowledge and as a great teacher. His recorded work will continue to inspire.

01-04-2012 9:15 PM -- By: Micheline Beluse,  From: Quebec, Canada  

I am so sorry to hear of Paul Igag's death.  My deepest sympathy to his family and friends.  I know this is a great loss to his family and a great major one to the scientific community.

01-04-2012 9:12 PM -- By: Andi Buddette,  From: Ozark, MO  

Just saw on PBS, and am so grateful for his presence on this planet, a true protector, will be missed. Perhaps Miriam will know she is thought of and continue with his dream and hers, thank you, Blessings, Andi

12-04-2011 4:27 AM -- By: Marina Rodriguez,  From: San Antonio, Texas, US  

Watching Birds of Paradise, I was inspired by the love and desire he had to help and observe these beautiful birds. Hopefully many others will follow in his footsteps.

12-02-2011 2:17 AM -- By: Karen Morris,  From: Boston, MA  

Thank you. 

11-26-2011 12:16 AM -- By: Lisa,  From: Chicago, IL, USA  

 I just finished watching the special on Birds of Paradise, and was shocked that it was a tribute to this devoted young man.  I only "knew" him for a few minutes, but it was long enough to feel his passion for what he obviously loved to do, and I know how much he must be missed by those closest to him. Thank you and take care of each other.

11-18-2011 11:09 PM -- By: Paola,  From: Miami Fl, U.S  

I just finished watching Brids of Paradise, and I was touched by how Paul respects, and loves birds. Plus, I'm totally into the hippy beard. Even in the few bits that you get to see him, you can tell what you pointed out-he loves to smile and share his joy. I'm sending a few bucks to those students as soon as I can!

He's flying with birds right now.

Peace and Love

11-14-2011 10:56 PM -- By: martine bamford,  From: gloucester Ma usa  

very inspiring !

10-31-2011 11:43 PM -- By: Banak Gamui,  From: PNG  

A year has passed and we still miss your pleasant personality and laughter. Your colleagues at IBR paused for a moment on our office porch and remembered you on Friday, 28th October.

Thank you for teching me to smile, even in my darkest of hours. Your memories live on.

10-28-2011 6:38 PM -- By: Miriam Supuma,  From: PNG  

 A year has now passed but your memories are still alive. A glass I will raise tonight  in memory of a good friend.


10-27-2011 11:37 PM -- By: Leo Legra,  From: POM  

It is now a year since you passed, but the memories still linger on.

I will never forget your help in rope climbing, mist netting and bird watching and the many jokes, discussions, smoke and buai that we shared together.

Remembering you on this day with great fondness,

Leo Legra


09-26-2011 12:12 AM -- By: R Dial,  From: Santa Barbara, CA USA  

09-26-2011 12:09 AM -- By: Laura,  From: Los Angeles  

 It was a sad footnote to see that Mr. Igag had passed away.  The joy in his face at seeing the birds he most treasured was enough to make me find out what had happened to him.  I hope that his love of nature and his joy in the freedom of it infected many from his land and inspired others to take up his cause.  Thank you to him, all others like him, and to PBS for making us aware of the special people and places who champion causes that (seemingly) have very little glamorous reward. I won't forget him. Rest in peace.

09-20-2011 10:32 PM -- By: samantha,  From: brown  

 What a  lovely man, we enjoyed his contributions to Birds of Paradise and can imagine the loss to the field, friends and family.   


Rest well Mr. Igag.

09-08-2011 3:24 AM -- By: David Meurglys,  From: NY  

 My deepest sympathies to the family and loved ones of Dr. Paul Igag, a great and very important ornithologist and native of PNG. From the little I know of this man he was not only a very respected scientist but also a true pioneer, while he and his tireless work may not "go down in the history books" of ornithology as they say like Sibley or Audobon, in my and apparently many others humble opinion he is a great scientist of note, and the hole left behind in his passing is deeply felt even to many including myself  who never had the pleasure of meeting  him. 

Rest in Peace Paul Igag


09-02-2011 1:11 AM -- By: Max,  From: Illinois  

 I had just finished watching the most enchanting documentary ever and was greatly saddened to see paul's obit. at the end. When i saw him walking through the forest and being swarmed by mosquitos i felt as if he loved it and that the rainforest could never hurt him, like it was his element. 

Rest in Peace Birdman

08-30-2011 10:01 PM -- By: Rebecca,  From: Georgia, United States of America  

I enjoyed watching Paul and the team study birds.  The birds were beautiful and Paul's care for the conservation of the birds was heart warming.


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