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Memorial created 10-30-2010 by
Andrew Mack
Paul Igag
February 24 1964 - October 29 2010

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01-20-2013 12:32 AM -- By: Diane Berg,  From: USA  

I never knew Paul; except through his appearance in the BBC DVD "Birds of Paradise". Incredible work and life force; hopeful that the work continues despite the tragic loss. My prayers and sympathies to the family and community. 

01-01-2013 9:45 AM -- By: Margaret Viers,  From: United States  

11-23-2012 2:48 PM -- By: Kevin,  From: USA  

So sad, but so inspiring.  I hope that a hundred young boys and girls from PNG and from all over the world are inspired to study and conserve nature because of your work.   

11-11-2012 11:55 PM -- By: Angel R. Colon,  From: Humacao, Puerto Rico  

I hope that your work is not forgaten and that your legacy will continue and that people learn to preserve the Bird of the Gods

10-29-2012 8:08 PM -- By: Michael,  From: PNG  

Dear Paul,

Two years on...time has come to pass but your memory lingers on in the sweet sounds of the birds you love call out your name at the dawn of each day. Many may walk this earth, but only a few like you become IMMORTALISED in the IMMATERIALITY of what is left behind.

10-29-2012 3:24 AM -- By: Mimi Supuma,  From: PNG  

 thinking of you on this day

10-29-2012 3:07 AM -- By: Daniel Solomon Okena,  From: PNG  

Its been two years now and I still can't remember comming across someone as unique and special to me as you are. And I don't intend to look as I know I will be unsuccessful as you are irreplaceable in my  <3 and mind....

10-29-2012 1:41 AM -- By: Banak Gamui,  From: PNG  

Remembering you two years on. Today in 2010, you met with your colleagues back in our office to discuss work, then you shared a joke on our office porch, filling the air with your effectious laughter ... that laughter lingers on.


10-29-2012 1:41 AM -- By: Banak Gamui,  From: PNG  

Remembering you two years on. Today in 2010, you met with your colleagues back in our office to discuss work, then you shared a joke on our office porch, filling the air with your effectious laughter ... that laughter lingers on.


10-20-2012 1:10 AM -- By: Mona,  From: Key West Fl  

We only met virtually yet your smile made me smile.Thank you Paul. You are well remembered in my mind and heart.

10-15-2012 1:11 AM -- By: Carlos Solivan,  From: Puerto Rico  

gran aportacion

10-10-2012 8:13 PM -- By: Jonathan Strachan,  From: America  

Great man, You will be missed.  

06-16-2012 6:01 PM -- By: Diederik Slob,  From: Amsterdam,The Netherlands  

Such a shame to learn that a promising, relatively young man is dead after you watch a beautiful documentary. Paul, you have large boots to fill, but I hope one of your local students will fill them.

06-16-2012 4:16 PM -- By: tate,  From: colorado,USA  

an invaluable man to his country

05-21-2012 2:50 AM -- By: Alice Clark,  From: Georgia  

I just watch the Bird of Paridises on netflixs an was so surprized to see he had passed away. I really enjoyed watching him in this. He seemed to have a real passion for his work and for these beautiful birds. My prayers goes out for all who loved him .I know he'll be missed.

04-19-2012 1:44 AM -- By: Lucy Tucker,  From: Northeastern USA  

I first heard of Paul through the film Birds of the Gods.  I was so sorry to hear of his passing.  What a great loss his dying must be to his family and all those who care about nature and conservation.

03-20-2012 1:30 AM -- By: Amanda Cureton,  From: Navarre, Florida  

 I absolutely loved the film Nature: Birds of the Gods. I was so moved by Paul's story and love for conservation within his own country. Though I did not know him, I can tell he had an infectious smile and loving demeanor. What a great loss to the world! Sad to hear of his passing but so thankful for the impact he had on discovering more about so many rare species of birds. God bless his family and those he worked so closely with!

03-16-2012 9:49 PM -- By: Ingrid G,  From: San Diego, CA  

 Thank you.

03-05-2012 1:12 AM -- By: Joseph Seals,  From: Oklahoma City, OK  

 Thank you for all the amazing work you did and the eyes you opened. You are missed!

02-24-2012 9:27 AM -- By: Pamela,  From:  

Happy birthday.

02-03-2012 11:54 PM -- By: Esther Franck,  From: Ramona, California  

 My husband and I just watched Birds of the Gods....when Paul turned and looked at the camera after witnessing the dance.....I was touched by the sincereity of his smile.  When we read at the end of the program that he had passed we wanted to know what happened and came upon this site.

Thank you.

God Bless

01-30-2012 10:47 PM -- By: Jenny Isaacs,  From: Newton, NJ  

Thank you Paul for your beautiful life and contribution to the world of birds. You inspire me with your love for nature and dedication to conservation.

01-24-2012 8:59 PM -- By: Corky Heller,  From: Emporia, Kansas USA  

I just watched and enjoyed Birds of the Gods.  I was sad to learn of the death of Paul Igag.  I share his joy from watching these beautiful birds.

01-19-2012 1:21 PM -- By: Donnell Fenner,  From: Suffolk Virginia in The United Startes Republic  

I fell in love with Pauls' work whin is saw the PBS documentary Birds of Paradise. It is hard to accept his passing to be with the Ancestors. HOTEP!

01-09-2012 8:35 PM -- By: Iris Oakes,  From: United States  

 Those of us who only knew Paul through pictures & recordings of his work are blessed to have had such a wonderful spirit on this earth.

01-09-2012 12:45 AM -- By: carl hansen,  From: canada  

i just watch the show bird of paradise.sorry to hear of paul passing.the world needs more people like him.

01-08-2012 10:20 PM -- By: Clement Waine,  From: USA  

I am deeply saddened to learn of the passing of this great scientist, a contemporary of mine, and a cheerful and wonderful role model for many PNG born and bred scientists. This is a tragic loss for PNG. May his soul rests on the chest of the Creator of all things that Paul and I love.


01-08-2012 9:54 PM -- By: Tracy,  From: North Dakota  

After enjoying the wonderful documentary on PBS on the BOP and PNG, I was saddened to see the passing of Paul. He seemed to have such a joy for life and his work. I couldn't help but smile everytime he was featured.   

01-08-2012 5:34 AM -- By: Michael Gonzalez,  From: USA  

This saddens my heart.Just watched Birds of Paradise and his work will be surely missed.Peace and love to Paul and his family.

01-08-2012 1:24 AM -- By: Elaine Bitzel,  From: California  

It was heartbreaking to learn of the loss of such a devoted young scientist.  In his brief time he made a huge difference in advancing the cause of environmental conservatism.  May he rest in peace. 


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